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NOI-07-2: Inquiry into the Status of Energy Efficiency Programs in Iowa

The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) has issued a report to the Iowa General Assembly, entitled "Energy Efficiency in Iowa's Natural Gas and Electric Sectors."  In addition to background and historical information on energy efficiency in Iowa, it details Iowa utilities' 2007 energy efficiency efforts and the investor-owned (rate regulated) utilities' proposed energy efficiency plans for 2009-2013.  The IUB will provide additional information for this report later in 2009 after the new plans have been approved.

Study and Inquiry on the Status of Energy Efficiency Programs in Iowa

The Board initiated the inquiry by order issued June 19, 2007, seeking information about the energy efficiency plans and programs of all gas and electric utilities in Iowa.  Data was filed by each of the investor-owned utilities (IOUs), by each rural electric cooperative (REC) in a joint filing by the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives and by each municipal utility (Muni) in a joint filing by the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.  Additional data for previous years was extracted from previous reports of the IOUs, RECs and Munis.

A report, titled “The Status of Energy Efficiency Programs in Iowa,” was released by the Board on January 2, 2008.  This report details the energy efficiency plans and programs of Iowa utilities.  Also issued on January 2, 2008, was a report detailing the results of a 2007 survey of Iowa residential utility customers.

These two studies provide the Board with sufficient information to determine there is a need for more advanced development of energy efficiency programs by IOUs.  In particular the Board will instruct the IOUs to enhance their new energy efficiency plans, due to be filed in late spring of 2008, by including developing and analyzing a scenario for increasing energy savings to a level of 1.5 percent of retail energy sales by the year 2012.

The Iowa Utilities Board issued an order on June 24, 2008, in Docket No. WRU-08-21, exempting Allerton Gas Company and most municipal utilities from the need to file energy efficiency plans on July 1, 2008. Instead, 20 specific municipal utilities will be required to file, on or before August 29, 2008, energy efficiency information on electric energy efficiency in Docket No. NOI-07-2. These utilities may use this form.

Energy Efficiency Study, ongoing communications

All communications regarding this inquiry are to be directed to the inquiry manager:

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