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Forms and Applications

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Cable/Video Franchises

Customer Service

Energy (Gas/Electric/Water)

Safety & Engineering

All documents in MS Word format unless otherwise noted
Electric Franchise (E-Docket) Pipeline Permit (P-Docket) Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit (HLP)
Amended Petition
Abbreviated Petition
Extension of Franchise
Exhibit C - Instructions
Exhibit C - Overhead Transmission Line
Exhibit C - Underground Transmission Line
Exhibit C - Overhead Bipolar HVDC Transmission Line
Objection Form
Information Meeting Handout (PDF)
New Permit
Renewal Permit
Exhibit C
Objection Form
Information Meeting Handout (PDF)
New Permit
Permit for Existing Pipeline
Objection Form
Permit Process (PDF)
Information Meeting Handout (PDF)

Railroad Crossing Specification Exhibits [199 IAC 42.3(1)]

Railroad / Utility Emergency Contact Information form


Eligible Telecommunications Carrier suggested 2014 reporting forms pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 39.5 and 39.6 - Filing due on or before July 1, 2014

The reports must be filed electronically using the Board’s Electronic Filing System (EFS).  Instructions for filing confidential reports can be found beginning on page 15 of the “Users Guide For Registered Users.”  ETC certification forms are provided below (MS Word).

2014 Affidavit Certifying Compliance/Quality of Service Reporting/Network Plan Form - Public

2014 Quality of Service Reporting/Network Plan Form - Confidential