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How to Make a Filing - Confidential Materials [199 IAC 14.12]

Confidential documents will not be published on the board's Electronic Filing System (EFS). When filing a document containing confidential information, a person shall file one public version of the document with the confidential information redacted according to the board's standards for electronic information and one version of the document containing the confidential information. The two versions of the document shall be named according to the following convention: "Document Title - Public" and "Document Title - Confidential."

Important: It is the responsibility of the person submitting a public version of the electronic document to take appropriate measures to ensure that any embedded information for which confidential treatment is sought is nonviewable, nonsearchable, and nonreversible. Each page of the confidential version of the document shall be marked in a way that identifies it as belonging to the confidential version of the document. The confidential material itself shall be highlighted or otherwise distinguished on the page to identify what specific information is confidential.

A filing including a document the filer asserts contains confidential information shall also include a separate document containing the request for confidential treatment pursuant to 199 IAC 1.9(6). Documents which the filer asserts contain confidential information will not be electronically served by the board's EFS, as provided in 199 IAC 14.16(4).

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