Consumer Information Energy Telecommunications
Elizabeth S. Jacobs
Nick Wagner
Board Member
Sheila K. Tipton
Board Member

Docket Designations

A Annual Report
AEP Alternate Energy Production
AIA Arbitrated Interconnection Agreement
APP Alternative Pricing Proposal
ARB Arbitration
ARC Annual Fuel Procurement Plan
ARE Annual Review of Electric Utilities
ARG Annual Review of Gas Utilities
ARU Accounting Rules Utility
C Complaints
CCF Customer Contribution Fund
CGP Certified Gas Provider
CLD Competitive Long Distance
DPU Depreciation Proceeding Utility
DRU Declaratory Ruling Utility
E Electric Franchise or Certificate
EAC Energy Adjustment Clause
ECR Energy Cost Recovery
EDR Electric Delivery Reliability
EEP Energy Efficiency Plan
EPB Emission Plan & Budget
ES Extended Area Services
ESA Electric Safety
ETA Eligible Telecommunications Provider Application
ETR Eligible Telecommunications Provider Report
FCU Formal Complaint Proceeding
FER Federal Eligible Telecommunications Carriers Reports
FLR Federal Lifeline Report
GCU Generating Certificate Utility
H Accident - Outages
HLP Hazardous Liquid Pipeline
INU Investigation Utility
LRP Land Restoration Plan
M Miscellaneous
NIA Negotiated Interconnection Agreement
NOI Notice of Inquiry
NPD Nuclear Plant Decommissioning
P Pipeline Permit
PGA Purchased Gas Adjustment
PIA Preexisting Interconnection Agreement
PRP Pilot Research Project
PSA Pipeline Safety Act
R Reports
RE Reports, Electric
RG Reports, Gas
REP Rate Election Proceeding
RET Rural Exemption Telephone
RFU Refund Filing Utility
RMU Rule Making Utility
RN Rate Notification
RPU Rate Proceeding Utility
SAS Study Area Statement
SPU Service Proceeding Utility
SR Suppliers Registration
SVG Small Volume Gas
TCU Telephone Certificate Utility
TF Tariff Filing
USP Universal Service Proceeding
VCA Video Cable Authority
WRU Waiver of Rules Utility