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Search Tips

You may look for a single word using our search engine. Or, use the tips below to refine your search to find more specific results.

Look for a phrase
Example - type Board Orders to find the exact phrase Board Orders. Since the search is not case-sensitive, this is equivalent to board orders.

Look for two or more words at once by using the AND operator
Example - type board AND orders to find documents that have both the word board and the word orders anywhere.

Look for words that are close to each other by using the NEAR operator instead of the AND operator.
When you use NEAR, the closer together the words are, the higher the rank of the page, so the higher it appears in the list of search results. Example - type board NEAR orders to match documents where the word board is within 50 words of the word orders.

Look for synonyms or similar words by using the OR operator.
Note that if you don't use the OR operator and search using multiple words, the words are treated as a phrase. Example - type gas OR electric to find the word gas or the word electric, but not necessarily both.

Limit your search by using the AND NOT operator to exclude words.
Example - type broadband AND NOT cable to find all instances of broadband, as long as broadband is not followed by the phrase cable.

Use double quotes if you want to use AND, OR, NOT, or NEAR literally.
Example - type "houses near parks" to find documents with the phrase houses near parks. Without the double quotes, this query would use the NEAR operator instead of the phrase.

Use a single asterisk (*) to look for words that begin with the same letters.
Example - type tele* to find telephone, telecommunications, telephony and so on.

Use a double asterisk (**) to look for all forms of a word.
Example - type fly** to match fly, flew, flown, and flying.