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iowaCanConnect: Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program Contact Information

iowaCanConnect is a statewide program of the Iowa Utilities Board and the Iowa Department for the Blind. iowaCanConnect is administered in conjunction with Telecommunications Access Iowa, the Iowa Equipment Distribution Program.

Gayle Boeke, Program Manager, Telecommunications Access Iowa
800.606.5099 (Voice) or
The Iowa Utilities Board contracts with a provider to administer the Iowa Equipment Distribution Program (EDP). Deaf Services Unlimited (DSU) administers the Iowa EDP, called Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI), and provides vouchers for specialized telephone equipment across the State of Iowa. TAI serves eligible individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, have difficulty speaking, or are Deaf-Blind, and who need specialized or supplemental telephone equipment to eliminate barriers to telephone communication. TAI plays a significant role in enhancing the lives of people who experience difficulty with this type of access. Gayle is the Program Manager for TAI.

Betty Hansen, Deaf-Blind Specialist, Iowa Department for the Blind
800.362.2587 (Voice) or
Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB) is the state agency responsible for providing most of the services Iowans who are blind or visually impaired need to live independently and work competitively. Its mission is to be the means for persons who are blind or visually impaired to obtain for themselves universal access and full participation as citizens in whatever roles they may choose. Betty runs the Deaf-Blind program at the IDB, which helps Deaf-Blind Iowans obtain information about resources available to assist with everyday life, provides needs assessments and training for program participants, and helps them find meaningful employment.

Joni Nicoll, Project Manager, Iowa Equipment Distribution Program
515.725.7340 (Voice) or
The Iowa Utilities Board regulates telecommunications, electric, natural gas, and water utilities. Under Iowa Code Chapter 477C, the Board administers a dual party relay service (Relay Iowa) to allow communication-impaired persons to use the telephone system. The Board also administers an EDP to provide specialized telecommunications devices to eligible Iowans who are deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard of hearing, or have difficulty speaking. Joni is the Board’s Project Manager of the Relay Iowa and Iowa EDP program.

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