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NOI-2010-0002: National Broadband Plan and State Broadband Deployment Plan

On August 25, 2010, the Board opened an inquiry to receive broad public input about how Iowa may be affected by the Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Plan (NBP). The NBP covers many topics, including issues relating to broadband investment and infrastructure and the universal service support and intercarrier compensation systems. The Board’s order reviews some of the reforms proposed in the NBP and asks a series of questions relating to how Iowa consumers might be affected by the proposed reforms, as well as other questions relating to broadband deployment in Iowa. The Board also seeks information relating to the development of a statewide broadband deployment plan, a task of the Broadband Deployment Governance Board, for which the Utilities Board is a supporting agency. For complete information about the NOI, please view or download the “Order Initiating Inquiry and Appointing Inquiry Manager."

On October 15, 2010, the Board received comments from the following fourteen interested parties: the Iowa League of Cities, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa Utility Association, Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives,Verizon, CTIA Wireless Association, Windstream Iowa, A.T.&T.,Iowa Telecommunications Association, Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association, Qwest, Cox Communications, and the Consumer Advocate Division of the Department of Justice. . Presently, the Board is reviewing the comments and considering possible next steps. The NBP can be accessed at

Mike Balch is the inquiry manager for this docket. For more information, contact Mr. Balch at 515.725.7303 or