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General Information about the TCU Process

A utility must receive a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Board before it can provide land-line local telephone service in Iowa. Iowa Code § 476.29(1).

The proceedings to approve an application for a telephone certificate are Board dockets identified with the initials TCU. In addition to the certificate requirement, a utility cannot provide local service until it has received Board approval for its tariffs (a TF filing) and for maps and other documentation showing its service territory (a TF filing). The utility must also make a statement that it will provide 2-PIC dialing parity.

There is no prescribed order for satisfying these requirements. Some companies choose to address all the requirements simultaneously. Others prefer a sequential approach. The Board has permitted companies to choose the strategy most acceptable to them to get the necessary regulatory approvals.

Finally, while the Board's rules do not require interconnection agreements with other local service providers in the service territory, in most circumstances interconnection agreements will be necessary to provide satisfactory service.

You may call the Telecommunications Section for additional information at 515.725.7344.

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