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Contact: Matthew Harris
IAC Division Administrator

Iowa Arts Council Strategic Planning

The Iowa Arts Council is pleased to present its 2012-2015 Strategic Plan which was approved by the IAC Board of Directors in September 2012.

As part of a department-wide strategic planning process, the IAC developed goals specific to its own unique mission and made a commitment to:

● engage Iowans in a dynamic statewide conversation about the future of arts and culture in Iowa

● create opportunities for the arts to flourish in Iowa through effective distribution of grant resources

● develop and promote a comprehensive strategy to enhance arts education in Iowa

● foster connectivity within Iowa’s arts community by engaging in meaningful partnerships, facilitating networking and encouraging collaboration and coordination among constituent groups

● encourage excellence in the arts and nurture arts leaders by providing access to industry resources, technical assistance and professional development opportunities

● assert the Iowa Arts Council’s role as the state’s chief advocate for the arts through improved messaging strategies across available communication platforms

These IAC goals also support the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs' four core strategies to guide responsible management of cultural and heritage resources, amplify cultural education and outreach, deliver exemplary customer service and strengthen organizational effectiveness.