photograph of Iowa sorghum field

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Rhubarb and Dandelion Wines from the Amana Colonies

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Rhubarb and Dandelion wines from the Amana Colonies

The Community of True Inspiration, a German Lutheran sect founded in 1714 by Eberhard Ludwig Gruber and Johann Friedrich Rock, immigrated in 1842 to Buffalo, New York, and to Iowa in 1855. By 1863, the Inspirationists had built seven small villages, now known collectively as the Amana Colonies, located just southwest of Cedar Rapids. The original settlers lived in communal houses, worked in communal gardens and kitchens, ate in communal dining houses, and produced a variety of products from communal businesses. Family members worked in the vineyards and contributed grapes for the annual harvest. Each adult received an allotment of wine each year. Besides producing wine from a variety of grapes (Clintons, Concord, Beta), the Amana Colonies produced rhubarb wine from locally grown plants. This continued until 1919, when Prohibition necessitated the destruction of over 19,000 gallons of wine.  More

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interview with Les Ackerman
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Ackerman Winery

4406 220th Trail
Amana, IA 52203
f: 319.622.6513

Ehrle Brothers Winery
4105 V Street
Homestead, IA 52236

this is a photograph of the sign to Village Winery this is a photograph of a wine filter this is a photograph of a wine vat this is a photograph of a bottle of rhubarb wine this is a photograph of Ackerman Winery this is a photograph of a glass of wine

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