photograph of Iowa sorghum field

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Dutch letters

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Dutch Letters

It would be hard to find anyone living in Iowa for more than a month or two who hasn’t been introduced to Dutch letters, those crispy, flakey, butter pastries filled with almond paste, shaped into an “s,” and covered with large, crunchy sugar crystals. Turns out these addictive treats are available only in Iowa and in Holland at Christmas time. Following generations’-old Dutch family recipes, bakeries in Pella and in Orange City produce the “letters” as well as “sticks” year round and supply them to groceries around the state.  More

Jaarsma Bakery

727 Franklin Street

Pella IA 50219


fax: 641.628.9148

e-mail for sales



Vander Ploeg Bakery

711 Franklin Street

Pella IA 50219


fax: 641.628.4772

e-mail for sales  


this is a photograph of jaarsma bakery this is a photograph of a baker arranging dutch letter dough on a baking pan this is a photograph of a baker checking on the dutch letters in an oven this is a photograph of the vander ploeg bakery

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