photograph of Iowa sorghum field

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Maasdam Sorghum

The Maasdam family has been producing dark, fragrant, and healthful sorghum syrup since 1926. Now in its seventh generation, the family grows sweet sorghum on the family farm in Lynnville.

One of the only surviving sorghum mills in Iowa, the Maasdam operation started at a time when many more Iowa farmers made syrup from home-grown cane for home use. More


this is a photograph of l.j. maasdam, founder of maasdam sorghum mills in lynville iowa

L.J. Maasdam

     Founder, Maasdam Sorghum Mills


 (4 minutes)
interview with Marge and
Jennifer Kramer

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Maasdam Sorghum Mills
(sorghum syrup)

6495 E. 132nd St. S.

Lynnville, Iowa 50153

Fax: 641.594.4368




this is a photograph of a young child looking at newly emerging sorghum plants in a field this is a photograph of a sorghum field this is a photograph of a crushing and separating machine processing sorghum stalks this is a photograph of sorghum after it is processed this is a photograph of a jar of sorghum syrup

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