photograph of Iowa sorghum field

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Maytag Blue Cheese

The relationship between ISU and Maytag Blue Cheese is probably the best known of Iowa’s food stories. But what most people probably do not know is that the company made a decision some years ago not to expand their herd; instead, Maytag Dairy Farms opted to support local dairy farms by purchasing their milk and adding value to it by making what has become an award winning internationally known artisanal cheese. Maytag Dairy Farms prides itself in being a business that truly supports the “buy local” philosophy. They have also found that their best advertising is by word (and taste) of their blue cheese. More

Myrna Ver Ploeg

President, Maytag Dairy Farms

 (4 minutes)
interview with Myrna Ver Ploeg

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Maytag Dairy Farms

PO Box 806

Newton, IA  50208

f: 641.792.1567


this is a photograph of Myrna VerPloeg, president of maytag dairy farms



this is a photograph of the maytag dairy farms sign this is a photograph of the maytag dairy barns this is a photograph of cheese curing this is a photograph of a person wrapping cheese this is a photograph of a case of cheese products at maytag dairy farm store

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Photo credits: Some photos courtesy of Maytag Dairy Farms.