photograph of Iowa sorghum field

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Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is the food most identified with Iowa according to members of as well as an informal survey of state residents.

Pork tenderloins have traditionally been available only in the upper Midwestern “I” states of Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois, not surprising given the region’s predominant German and Czech immigrant heritage.

Like (Philly) cheese steaks and (San Francisco) sourdough bread, their popularity has spread, however. While Iowa has its own pork tenderloin competition, sponsored by the Iowa Pork Producers, as of yet, there has been no formal competition among the states producing this regional specialty.  More


Daily Specials at the
Suburban Restaurant

 (4 minutes)
interview with Suzy Lyons
and Diane Cox
Download audio transcript

Suburban Restaurant

Suzy Lyons & Diane Cox
17029 Highway 69

5 Miles N. of Ames, IA
at the Gilbert corner




this is a photograph of the suburban restuarant's daily special menu board











this is a photograph of the suburban restaurant this is a photograph of a fried pork tenderloin this is a photograph of diane cox, co-owner of the subarban restaurant this is a photograph of a pork tenderloin dinner

"Since there are more restaurants that serve the breaded version, the Iowa Pork Producer Association's contest is confined to that category now. The Town House Supper Club in Wellsburg won the title this year (2006) with the Links at Lake Panorama placing second. The contest was on fire this year...we had over 600!!!! nominations. It is amazing what this contest has done for the small Mom/Pop restaurants in Iowa."

Nelda Christian, Chair, Restaurant/Food Service Committee,
Iowa Pork Producers

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