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Guardianship and Conservatorship in Iowa Issues of Subsititute Decision-Making

TABLE OF CONTENTS (These documents have been posted in pdf format.)

* What is Guardianship and Conservatorship?
* Alternatives to Guardianship and Conservatorship
* Assessing Decision-Making Skills and Functional Capacity: Determining if Guardianship or Conservatorship is Necessary
* Picking a Guardian or Conservator
* Transitions to the Future: What Parents Need to Know  About Becoming Their Son’s or Daughter’s Guardian or Conservator
* How to Set Up a Guardianship or Conservatorship
* Attorney, Court and Guardianship or Conservatorship Fees
* Changes to Iowa Guardianship Law
* Guardianship of the Person: Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities
* Conservator of the Estate
* Rights of Wards: How Does a Guardian or Conservator Protect a Person’s Rights?
* Standards and Principles of Substitute Decision-Making
* Guardianship Decisions Requiring Court Approval
* Medical Treatment Decisions
* Making Decisions to Limit Medical Procedures
* Behavior Limit Interventions
* Modification and Termination of Guardianship and Conservatorship
* Just the FAQs: “Frequently Asked Questions” About Guardianships and Conservatorships
* Definitions of Legal Terms
* Resource Guide for Guardians and Conservators.

Or click here to download the entire set of documents (1.5 mb).

These materials are a general summary of the law. They are not meant to completely explain all that you should know about guardianship and conservatorship. You should see a lawyer to get complete, correct and up-to-date legal advice.

Updated November 2006 by:
Iowa Legal Aid
1111 9th Street, Suite 230
Des Moines, IA 50314-2527

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