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Address Lists


Below are address lists for registered candidates, committees, and other entities that file with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board.
Lists are available in Portable Document Format (.PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to view these documents.
Lists are also available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (.XLS). If you are visually impaired, there are special tools from Adobe that will allow you to read the Acrobat files.

Scroll down and then click on the icon of the type of list you wish to download

PDF file Statewide Candidates Excel file
(updated 02/17/2015)

PDF file Legislative Candidates Excel file
(updated 02/17/2015)

PDF file Statewide Political Action Committees Excel file
(updated 02/17/2015)

PDF file Statewide PAC Sponsors/Parent Entities Excel file
(updated 2/17/2015)

PDF file County/Local Candidate and Ballot Issue Committees Excel file
(updated 02/17/2015)

PDF file State and County Central Committees Excel file
(updated 02/17/2015)

*List of Funds Covered by State Party Reports

PDF file Out-of-State Political Action Committees
(updated 02/17/2015)

PDF file Organization Independent Expenditures List
(updated 02/17/2015)
PDF file One Time Contributions List
(updated 02/17/2015)