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Online License Verification

Effective Immediately: New graduates and employers will NOT be given license numbers over the phone. Wallet cards are mailed to licensees on Thursday's. Do not call or e-mail the board office to request this information.

Online License Verification allows you to enter a license number and retrieve Iowa license status information. This verification is primary source verification. (NOTE: When verifying an ARNPs license do not enter the letter designation as part of the license number)

A Temporary License cannot be verified online.


Licensure QuickConfirm provides online license verification reports to employers and the general public at NO CHARGE. Verification can be obtained by license number or name. Thirty-seven (37) Boards of Nursing currently participate. The information obtained at Licensure QuickConfirm is: name, jurisdiction(s), license type, license number(s), compact status (multi-state/single state), license status,expiration date and discipline.

Alternate Means to Verify a Nursing License

Employers/Public (No charge)
If you or your organization needs to verify a nurse license status and/or check a nurse’s discipline status for employment decisions, then you may want to consider the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s secure, online verification system, Nursys® ( The Web site contains data obtained directly from the licensure systems of multiple boards of nursing through frequent, secured updates.

Employers and the general public can now verify licenses and receive a detailed report within minutes, free of charge.  This report will contain the name, jurisdiction(s), license type, license number(s), compact status (multistate/singlestate), license status, expiration date, discipline against license and discipline against privilege to practice (PTP) of the nurse being verified.  Currently, is the only verification tool available that provides status of a multistate licensee’s privilege to practice in remote Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) jurisdictions.

Nurses (Official license verification for a fee)
When a nurse applies for endorsement into a state, verification of existing or previously held licenses may be required. A nurse can use to request verification of licensure from a Nursys licensure participating board. A list of licensure participating nursing boards can be found at 

In order to be eligible for a multistate license in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), the nurse must legally reside in an NLC state. An active, unencumbered, multistate license allows the nurse to practice in all NLC jurisdictions.  Questions about NLC eligibility and legal residency can be directed to the board of nursing in the nurse’s state of residency.

Verifications can be processed by completing the online Nursys verification process.  The fee for this service is $30.00 per license type for each state board of nursing where the nurse is applying.   Nursys license verification is sent to the endorsing board immediately.  Please visit for more details.

For more information, email, call 312.525.3780 or visit

Additional information on the NLC is available by visiting: