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COMING Monday, November 19th!

The Iowa Board of Nursing is migrating all current nursing data to a new database software that will allow increased access and immediate responses to most of the board’s business.

  1. RN and LPN exam candidates will be able to submit applications for initial license on-line.  Approvals to sit for the exam will be uploaded automatically every night to the NCSBN, exam results will be downloaded nightly resulting in a faster processing time.

  2. RN and LPN applicants for licensure by endorsement will be able to submit applications on-line for initial Iowa license.

  3. Renewals, late renewals, and reactivations will be available on-line.

  4. ARNPs will be able to apply for initial registration or renew a registration on-line.

  5. Applicants will be able to determine online whether required hard copy items (such as transcripts or fingerprint cards) have been received and logged.

  6. Employers will be able to create an account, identify employees, and enroll for automatic notification when an employee is due for renewal, has an expired license, or is disciplined. (Will NOT be available at this time)

  7. Facilities that are audited will be able to respond on-line. (Will NOT be available at this time)

  8. The general public will be able to create an account, create data sets for download, and pay on-line.

 All that will be required is a current unique e-mail address as a user i.d., and a current credit card for those conducting business that requires a payment.  All credit card transactions will be handled by US Bank; no state employee at any level will have access to credit card information. 

The board has been working toward this solution for several years, and is excited to be going-live Monday, November 19th..