If You Need Help:
If you need substance abuse treatment, information, or crisis counseling, contact the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center
toll-free line at

ODCP Mission

The mission of ODCP is to serve as a leader and a catalyst for improving the health and safety of all Iowans by promoting strategic approaches and collaboration to reduce drug use and related crime.

Law Enforcement Questions

Contact Susie Sher at 515-725-0308 with any questions regarding law enforcement access to PTS data.

PTS for Law Enforcement

Please contact Susie Sher by email or phone at 515-725-0308 if you have any questions or concerns, or would like access to the NPLEx system. Each agency or task force will be set up with an administrator to manage their own personnel.

You can also call Appriss for 24/7 support or technical issues at 1-877-942-6384 or email their support team at

Laws and Rules Pertaining to PTS

657 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 10.32
657 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 100
Iowa Code § 124.212
Iowa Code § 124.212A
Iowa Code § 124.212B
Iowa Code § 124.212C
Iowa Code § 124.213