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Licensing/Registrant Disciplinary Documents

A list of licensees and registrants who have been disciplined by the Board, with links to the disciplinary documents, can be found here.

The Iowa Board Pharmacy is the state agency responsible for licensing, regulating, and disciplining pharmacists, pharmacies, drug wholesalers, and controlled substances handlers in Iowa. The Board is authorized to investigate complaints about licensees and registrants and to take disciplinary action against any alleged to have violated state or federal law or Board administrative rules governing pharmaceutical practices in Iowa. The procedures for disciplinary action are set forth in Iowa Code Chapter 17A and 657 Iowa Administrative Code Chapters 35 and 36.

The board investigates every complaint it receives although the scope of the investigation varies from case to case. It is the Board's policy to conduct at least a preliminary investigation to assess whether a complaint or report about a licensee or registrant has merit. Each year the Board receives over 120 complaints and reports. Many are dismissed—"closed without action"—after the Board reviews the findings of the preliminary investigation. The Board determines and proceeds with the action it feels is appropriate in all cases.

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