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Pharmacist-Intern Training Requirements

Effective February 23, 2005, internship shall consist of a minimum of 1500 hours, 1250 hours of which may be a college-based clinical program approved or accepted by the board. Programs shall be structured to provide experience in community, institutional and clinical pharmacy practices. The remaining 250 hours shall be acquired under the supervision of one or more preceptors in a licensed pharmacy or other board-approved location, at a rate of no more than 48 hours per week. Credit toward the 250 hours will be allowed, at a rate not to exceed 10 hours per week, for an internship served concurrent with academic training. Recognized academic holiday periods, such as spring break and Christmas break, shall not be considered concurrent time.

Internship training at any site which is not licensed as a general or hospital pharmacy is considered nontraditional internship. Any intern wishing credit for a nontraditional program must contact the board office prior to beginning training in the program. Hours obtained in a nontraditional internship shall not be credited toward the total 1500 hours required pursuant to rule 4.3 prior to licensure to practice pharmacy in Iowa. The Board may, however, certify hours obtained in one or more approved nontraditional internships in recognition of the pharmacist-interns' training outside the scope of traditional pharmacy practice.

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