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Upon registration with the Board, pharmacist-interns will be provided with their internship booklet that contains a set of documents and forms to be completed by one or more pharmacist preceptors during the course of their internship training. The booklet includes the intern's registration certificate, instructions for the intern and the preceptor, the competencies to be attained by the intern and certified by each preceptor, an Affidavit of Preceptors form, and one or more affidavits on which each preceptor shall certify the hours of internship completed under that preceptor's supervision. Individuals who registered before February 23, 2005, should download the Affidavit of Preceptors form and include in their internship booklet.

Credit for internship cannot be granted unless registration and other required records and affidavits are completed. Notarized affidavits of experience in non-college-sponsored programs shall be filed with the board office after the successful completion of the appropriate internship booklet. These affidavits shall include certification of competencies and shall certify the number of hours and dates of training which are nonconcurrent with college of pharmacy enrollment. An individual registered as a pharmacist-intern while participating in an Iowa residency program shall not be required to file affidavits of experience or to submit certification of competencies.

Do not return the registration booklet or the material inside it until all competencies have been completed and you have completed all internships and rotations. In the event the intern registration booklet is lost, there is a $5 replacement fee.

Credit will not be given for internship experience obtained prior to registration as a pharmacist-intern.

Because of budgetary restraints, we no longer will be mailing out letters acknowledging receipt of intern hours. If you wish to receive written confirmation, contact Becky Hall for verification of hours reported.

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For more information, contact Becky Hall.

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