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Foreign Graduates

Provisions of Iowa law allow foreign pharmacy graduates who have demonstrated an equivalency of education with U.S. pharmacy standards to sit for our licensing exams (NAPLEX & MPJE) to become licensed in Iowa. The pertinent statutes and regulations would first require that candidates take and pass the NABP's Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam (FPGEE) and one of the following:

Upon passing those exams, NABP will provide you with a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee certificate (FPGEC). We could then accept your applications to take our licensing exams. Citizenship is not a requirement for licensure.

Foreign pharmacy graduates who are candidates for licensure in Iowa will be required to obtain a minimum of 1500 hours of internship in one or more board-licensed community or hospital pharmacies. Applicants must register with the Board. Internship credit will not be granted until the candidate has been issued an intern registration. Applications for registration must be accompanied by their FPGEC.

The Board may grant credit to a foreign pharmacy graduate, based on the candidate's experience in the practice of pharmacy, for all or any portion of the required 1500 hours of internship training. The candidate should provide detailed information regarding their experience in the practice of pharmacy. The Board shall determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether and to what extent the candidate's experience meets the goals and objectives established in 657—4.2, Goal and objectives of internship.

Information on the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam can be obtained from NABP.

Please contact to discuss licensure in Iowa after you have received your FPGEC Certificate.

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