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Pharmacist Administration of Immunizations

The Board of Pharmacy, at their meeting on August 28, 2013, approved for emergency adoption a new rule regarding pharmacist administration of immunizations. The new rule replaces former 657 Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 8.33, Supervision of Pharmacists Who Administer Adult Immunizations, and became effective September 1, 2013.     

The new rule establishes requirements for pharmacist training and continuing education related to administration of immunizations, expands the list of immunizations that may be administered via protocol, and extends the age range of patients to whom certain immunizations may be administered by a pharmacist via protocol.

If you are currently working on protocols for the administration of influenza or other vaccines, or plan to enter into one or more protocols in the near future, please review the rule to identify changes that must be included in your new protocols. The CDC website includes a guidance document regarding vaccine administration at Vaccine-specific recommendations are available at Samples of “standing orders” for administering various vaccines are also available at to assist you in developing your protocols. Protocols must be specific to each pharmacy and must identify the pharmacists authorized to administer vaccines pursuant to each protocol. CDC recommended immunization schedules are available on the CDC website at



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