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Iowa Administrative Code -- 657 Pharmacy Examiners Board

The complete Iowa Board of Pharmacy rules, contained in 657 Iowa Administrative Code, can be found here. This is a complete list of the Board's rules and the chapters can be viewed in their entirety and are available in PDF or Rich Text Format.

Below are links that will provide you with additional information on the Board's planned rule making. Currently proposed and newly-adopted rules are available from these links.

Rule Making Docket. This link takes you to the Rule-making Docket which lists each pending rule-making proceeding for the Board of Pharmacy. Rules are listed from the time the rules are noticed in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin until their effective date and publication in the Iowa Law and Information Manual.

To review proposed changes or adopted rules, access the appropriate Iowa Administrative Bulletin, identified in the Rule-making Docket, at the following site:

You may comment on noticed rules until the end of the comment period. The deadline for submission of comments on each noticed rule is specified in the Rule-making Docket. Comments or questions regarding the Board's rules should be addressed as follows:

You may inspect the rule-making record by contacting Terry Witkowski as indicated above.

Regulatory Plan. This link takes you to the Department of Public Health's Plan for rulemaking for the next year. The Pharmacy Board's initiatives are found on pages 11 and 12 of the department's plan.

Waiver/Variance from Board Rules. The Board may grant a waiver or variance from all or part of a Board rule. This link will take you to additional information and access to a summary of actions on petitions since January 1, 2001.

Contact Debbie Jorgenson if you find any links that are not working or if you need further assistance.

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