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Iowans Fit for Life, Active and Eating Smart, has been awarded funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address nutrition and physical activity to prevent obesity and other chronic diseases. Iowans Fit for Life includes a network of statewide partners with a vested interest in nutrition and physical activity, the Iowans Fit for Life Partnership. The partnership is charged with writing a comprehensive state plan to address nutrition and physical activity for Iowans of all ages. The plan, slated to be completed this fall, will address current efforts, environmental conditions, barriers and resources. Visit an Iowa Opportunity to learn more about the comprehensive state plan.


  • Iowans will enjoy balanced nutrition, lead physically active lives and live in healthy communities


  • Develop and strengthen partnerships that prevent and reduce obesity


  • Prevent and reduce the level of obesity in Iowans through improved nutrition, physical activity and supportive environments
  • Reduce obesity through integration coordination and collaboration among organizations and entities that share expertise and maximize resources of existing programs and partnerships


  • Develop and support partnerships that implement obesity prevention programs   
  • Create and sustain model healty communities around nutrition and physical activity
  • Collect and analyze data that drives decisions about program needs and effectiveness
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