In Section 4 of the RFP, it is noted that the Commission may request that the study look at other markets (in addition to Linn County).  Are you able to specify at this time which and/or how many other markets may require focus and assessment?

Right now, we are only looking at Linn County for a specific focus.  There is a possibility we would want to focus on Greene County as well should the referendum pass the first part of August.  Also, as indicated in the RFP, we would like to know if and/or where there are underserved markets in the State.

How many meetings/presentations by the Consultant will be required as part of the engagement?  (One single presentation to the Commission at completion of the study?  Perhaps mid-term progress update or staged meetings/teleconference updates throughout the process?)  What shall we assume for purposes of our proposal and cost estimate?

There would be a presentation before the Commission to determine the successful candidate(s) to conduct the study.  The other presentation before the Commission would be at the conclusion of the study to present the findings of the study.

Will property-specific customer demographic and point of original information (i.e. player tracking data) be available from the licensees for the Consultant's use?

We can supply contact information for each existing casino, but it will be up to the facility if they are willing to give this information to the consultant(s) performing the study