If You Need Help:
If you need substance abuse treatment, information, or crisis counseling, contact the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center
toll-free line at

ODCP Mission

The mission of ODCP is to serve as a leader and a catalyst for improving the health and safety of all Iowans by promoting strategic approaches and collaboration to reduce drug use and related crime.

Byrne-JAG Program

Contact Dennis Wiggins at 515-725-0311 for more information.

Byrne JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) Program

Applying to ODCP for the State Coordinated Byrne-JAG Program

Eligibility for Direct JAG funding from the U.S. Department of Justice


About Byrne-JAG

SFY 2016 Byrne JAG Grant Awards

Iowa's 2015 Byrne JAG Application to the U.S. Department of Justice

Provide input on Iowa's Byrne JAG applicaiton to U.S. Department of Justice

US Office of Civil Rights Iowa Training 07-19-11

OJP - Grants 101

Language assistance may be available through the Iowa Interpreters and Translators Association. Assistance for Spanish speaking people may be available through the Iowa Division of Latino Affairs.