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ODCP Mission

The mission of ODCP is to serve as a leader and a catalyst for improving the health and safety of all Iowans by promoting strategic approaches and collaboration to reduce drug use and related crime.

Iowa Drug Trends

Meth lab incidents in Iowa have increase each of the past three years.


National Survey on Drug Use and Health: 2012-2013 & 2013-2014

Drug Trends in Iowa PowerPoint (Woolery - March 2016)

One-Pot Meth Alert

Iowa Drug Trends Source: ODCP

Iowa Drug Use Profile (Exerpt from Iowa's 2012 Drug Control Strategy Source: Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy

Meth Lab Comparison 2008-2009-2010

Iowa Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory Map  Source: Division of Narcotics Enforcement

Iowa Youth Survey 2002

Iowa Youth Survey 2005 

Iowa Youth Survey 2008

Iowa Youth Survey 2010

Other Drug Information

EPA Meth Lab Cleanup Guidelines

DEA - Meth Lab Registry (locations of reported meth labs)

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens: Other Drugs

HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse

Brain and Addiction

Juveniles and Drugs (ONDCP)

Women and Drugs (ONDCP)

Minorities and Drugs (ONDCP)

Street Terms by Drug Name