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What to do if you do not receive your W-2

Each year many Iowans do not get W-2s from their employers by the January 31 date required by the IRS.

  1. If you have moved, call your employer with your new address.
  2. If you still have a problem, first go back to your employer and try to find out why you have not received the W-2.
  3. You may also call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. They will work with you and explain the steps needed to receive a substitute W-2.

    Iowa will accept a copy of the substitute W-2 filed with the IRS. However, the substitute W-2 may not show Iowa withholding. No credit for Iowa withholding can be given in this case unless you have pay stubs that show Iowa withholding.

  4. If you filed a return with the IRS for the year that you can’t find your W-2, you can fill out Federal form 4506 (request for copy of tax return). Your copy will include W-2’s and any State withholding tax. The cost is $39 for each year.