Iowa W-2 Information

Use Correct State Number on W-2s

When completing box 15 of the W-2 wage and tax statement for 2007, the Iowa Department of Revenue employer's state ID number should be the same as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) noted in box b of the W-2, with the addition of the 3-digit Iowa suffix.

For example, if the federal employer identification number on line b is 12-3456789, and assuming the Iowa suffix to be 001, the employer's state ID number in box 15 should be 12-3456789-001.

Do not use the Iowa Workforce Development unemployment number on W-2s.

Filing Iowa VSPs

The Iowa VSP (Verified Summary of Annual Payments) is filed through eFile & Pay; paper forms are not mailed.

Do not send copies of W-2s, W-2cs or 1099s to the Department. The Internal Revenue Service provides that information to us.

Employers are required to keep copies of the W-2s, W-2c's and 1099s for four years from the end of the year for which the forms apply.