Streamlined Sales Tax Advisory Council

October 16, 2003, Meeting Agenda

10:00 AM
Hoover State Office Building, Rooms 429 & 430

I. Welcome - Ralston & Magill

II. Comments Regarding Previous Meeting and Website Posting - All

III. Update on Chicago Working Group Meeting - Magill, Erickson, Cooper

IV. Federal Legislative Update - Magill & Cooper

V. Update on IDR Activity Relating to SSTP - Casey, Erickson, Cooper

VI. Begin Review of Agreement & Legislation - Casey, Erickson, Cooper
(Bring copies of Agreement & Legislation)

VII. Open Group Discussion - Ralston & Magill

Lunch - Our intent is to be done by 1:00. If we see that we're going to run longer than 1:00, we'll break for lunch and it will be on your own.